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The Comilla District is well known of Comilla in the sub-continent as a pioneer of culture and education. It is enriched by the past   glories of history and tradition. Rebel poet Kazi Nazrul Islam frequently come here and influenced the people of Comilla in there independences movement. Dr Akter Hamid Khan the initiator of Co-operative movement, the founder of BARD, K.T.C.A, Co-Operative industry Didar Co-Operative society , also makes Comilla proud. Numberless freedom fighters who had long been struggling for a free motherland are also our proud asset.


Location of Lalmai Degree College is significantly marked in the district as it is surrounded by  the Sadar Thana to the North, Laksam Thana to the South, Chowddagram Thana to the East, Chandina Thana to the South -West and Barura Thana to the West. Geographical position of Lalmai Degree College is from 230' - 1'' to 240' - 11'' North axis and 900 - 34'' to  910 -22'' East longitude.


Lalmai College is located at the southern most edge of Lalmai Hills. The North-South elongated low hilly range of about 17 KM long and 1 to 2.4 km westward from Comilla township is called Lalmai-Maynamati hill range. The Northern extremity of the hill ranges at ''Ranir Bungllow'' and the southern extremity ends at "Chandimura''. The northern part is locally called as "Mainamoti'' and the southern part as ''Lalmai''. The name Lalmai is probably derived from its ''Red Soil'' or from ''Lalambi'' forest, well known for medicinal herb . The average height of the hills is about 15m. but highest peaks rise up to 45m or more. Most of the hill tops are capped by reddish brown soil which makes a beautiful panoramic view of red and green. Once there was plenty of flora and fauna of these lands. But the continual development work, specially the continual increasing area of the Cantonment and the Kotbari Town have largely distorted the truly natural surrounding and the magnificent beauties of this ridge.


This hilly region is mostly familiar for its importance as a great learning centre of the Buddhists. Many great Buddhist would come here and practice lairing. Most of the Buddhist monasteries are built on the tops of the hillocks. ''Shalban Bihara'' was the Buddhist's residential educational centre consisting of 115 cells. The recent archeological excavation of immense memorials of 8th century are evident of the rise, expansion  and ruin of the Buddhist civilization.


With the passage of time this golden glorious era ended. But the civilization of learning cried out to come out to light again and it rendered its entreaty to the ears of a great man, a great benevolent worker of humanely. He is none but Md. Abul Kalam Mazumder a child of the soil of  Doulatpur, just adjacent to Lalmai Village. He came forward to respond to the cry of soil and attempted to unveil the lost glory of civilization by setting up a college here. Since then, he had been a relentless worker by devoting his whole cash and heart in order to give shape to his dream. Money was little, means were in adequate but the effort was so vigorous and enthusiastic that it enchanted the total people so much so that they also felt inspired to come forward and work with him shoulder to shoulder.


The name of the incarnation of this undaunted zeal is today's "Lalmai Degree College". It was like a lamp of learning to the then locality. Become there was no college within 12 Kms of Lalmai. Comilla Victoria college was 12 km  to the  North and Nowab Fayzunnesa  college , Laksham was 12 km to the south. So children from the familiar of all walks of life of this area started coming here to learn.  Infect  sitting up of this college was simply a noble history to the people of Lalmai.


Principle Abul Kalam Mazumder was a popular political leader and a member of national parliament who always very bravely and powerfully represented his constituency in the parliament as the secretary of Bangladesh Red Crescent Society, he very dynamically represented Bangladesh in the world wide premise of the International Red Crescent Society. He also contributed a lot as a member of National Education Commission. He was also the founder of many other Educational Institutions in his locality. He was so brilliant in merit but so humble and soft in his love for people.


The college began its journey with his strong leadership in 1969 with only 15 teachers and 35 students enrolled in 3 groups (Humanities, commerce, science). It had been an intermediate college since 1969 . In 1986 it was upgraded  to  the status of a degree college which had long been a dream of Principal  Abul Kalam Mazumder.  With a view to achieving this goal, the college had to struggle hard to fulfill the prerequisites of a degree college. (for example its area, number of students strength of college found etc).  Today it stands as a strongly framed well-reputed degree college with a strong built team of teachers and students and advisors.